2017-2018 Fall/Spring Meal Plan Options

Granville Towers offers three different meal plans for Granville residents as well as several non-resident meal plans. A meal plan is included with the rent and cannot be excluded from your lease. The Agora operates as an all-you-care to eat facility which means that once a resident or customer comes in, they are welcome to visit as many food stations as they would like and return for unlimited seconds. Therefore, the main concept to keep in mind with the meal plans is that they reference the amount of availability the resident has to enter the Agora… not specifically a meal. However for the sake of instruction, we may refer to “entrances” as “meals.”

Meal plans are not interchangeable with campus dining facilities.

Meal Plans:

Weekly meal plans:

These meals are only to be used by the resident but do include the specified number of guest passes that can be used for others. The meals reset each week on Saturday night and do not roll over from week to week. The beauty of the weekly plan is the meals will reset through the end of the year.

Block Plans:

Block meals reference the number of entrances into the Agora that a student has throughout the course of the semester. Residents can use their block meals for themselves and for guests. The block plan offers more flexibility as a student may use more meals during one week over another or even towards the beginning of the semester as opposed to the end. However, it is a set amount that needs to be budgeted over the course of the semester. 

Changing your meal plan:
Prior to move in, meal plan changes are requested through the Leasing Office. After move in, changes are handled by the Business Office. To initiate a meal plan, the student or parent can submit a request via email indicating the change they wish to make.

Students may decrease their plan prior to June 30 for the Fall semester and November 30 for the Spring semester. Students are able to increase the meal plan at any time. 

Non-resident meals:

Granville Residents aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the Agora. We offer individual meal purchases as well as meal plans to non-residents as well.

Individual meal pricing:

These options are hugely popular with our students if they move on to apartments as well as for their guests who frequently visit. They are also an option for residents on the block plan who may run out of meals. NOTE: These meals will carry over to the next semester and offer a discount on the per meal price which can be purchased in the Business Office!

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